Aigometri AB was established in 2015 with the aim of being an innovative IT Consulting company built on the following fundamental pillars:

Commitment & Engagement

Aigometri as your business partner is a team, highly motivated, engaged and committed in supporting and realizing your Vision. As a partner we consider your success as ours and always strive to work close with you towards achieving the goals

Successful Operations       

Successful operations are the backbone for any Strategic Vision. We help you with the processes and frameworks, required to streamline operations to provide expected value to your customers.

Thought Leadership       

We provide you with unbiased thought leadership by leveraging the experience of our consultants with decades of cumulative professional consulting experience.


Agility & Stability

As a trusted partner, we understand the the value of Agility in the rapidly changing dynamic market. We support your commitment to excellence by applying agile methodology with highest stability.


Through our consultants, we offer you our expert IT insights distilled through decades of IT consulting experience working with Major corporations across the globe.